Moving Azure Items Between Subscriptions

I have been using Azure Free Trial subscription before I got my BizSpark account. Because the subscription was ready after the trial expired, all trial items have been blocked, but still visible in Azure (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Azure portal

I thought that I only change the subscriptions of the items to the BizSpark. But only possibility is to remove. So after arguing and googling I tried to contact Azure support page.

  1. Go the support page
  2. Select “Get support” (Figure 2)

    Figure 2: Azure support portal
  3. Fill ticket information (Figure 3)

    Figure 3: Ticket Information
  4. Select “Subscription and Migration” and press “Continue” (Figure 4)

    Figure 4: Type Selection
  5. Specify Category to “Transfer data to different subscription” (Figure 5) and press “Continue”

    Figure 5: Specify Category
    Figure 5: Specify Category

Next day, a guy from Azure Support called me that there is a problem with my subscriptions. Because I was “too fast” and I have already created new items in BizSpark subscription, the migration is not possible – target subscription must be clear. to be more specific, there are some preconditions which must be satisfied before migration (taken from email from Azure Support):

  • We do not support selective service transfer; transfer only a selected hosted service, storage service from one subscription to another. This may become available in future but today, we must transfer all services or none.
  • The source as well as destination subscription must be active.
  • The destination subscription must be completely empty. (We do have separate process to migrate to a subscription with services running, however it requires more time.)
  • The source and destination subscriptions must have the same service administrator until the migration is complete.
  • The source and destination subscription cannot contain deployments/affinity groups with the same name.
  • There are some services that we cannot migrate and other services you will migrate yourself.  Please see the table below.
Azure can move: You must move: Unable to move:
Virtual Machines VSO Cache
Cloud Services SQL DB BizTalk Services
Web Sites Active Directory HD Insight
Media Services   Backup
Storage   Hyper-V Recovery Manager
Multi Factor Authentication   Azure Store
Traffic Manager   Import / Export
Mobile Services   Scheduler
Virtual Network   Management Services
Access Control Service (ACS)   Azure Automation
Reserved IP Address + Reserved IPs under the list    

So I have deleted all new items in the new subscription and replied to Azure Support that the migration can be proceed, even Force (it is also possible, but must be proceed by another Azure Support Team, so it takes time).

So still waiting, hope that tommorrow it will be proceeded :)…