Week with Microsoft Band – Summary

I have to say that I was relay surprised. The Band was working without any problems (synchronization, personalization, sensors). Only problem I had was during the run, when recorded data was not accurate when compared with my sporttester. So if the rumors are true and there will be new version, it can one of the best devices on market.

It isn’t real sporttester because of its size. It is a smartwatch with sporttester functions which can be sufficient for people who do sport for fun and want to record and check their progress or health – maybe that is why the web app is called Microsoft Health and not Microsoft Sport Whatever.

Here is a final list of my pros and cons:


  • lot of sensors
  • works with various platforms
  • Good SDK documentation
  • 3 day battery life (without GPS)
  • Good apps (phone, web, Strava integration)


  • Not waterproof
  • Not sold worldwide
  • Display cover can be easily scratched
  • Addictive




Week with Microsoft Band – Day 6 – Workout & Band SDK


The last sport app is Workout (except step counter). It works like extended stopwatch. You can start it, see duration, burned calories and your heart rate. As with other sport app, you can see your results in the phone or on web. There is a full description of this app.

Band SDK

Because I didn’t have enough time, I couldn’t try all what the SDK (for Windows) offers or write more sophisticated app. So I played little with sample codes for sensors. SDK is described well and samples help you in the beginning. I was happy that it uses async constructs, so you can use power of TPL. But what I didn’t find is if it is possible to connect band to your PC – because use its accelerometer can be useful. Maybe next time.

You can download SDK here (WP, iOS, Android).