Code Completion Visual Studio Extension

Code Completion was my first VS extension, originally developed for Visual Studio 2010 (Wow). Now, with the version, it supports Visual Studio 2015.

In the first version, it set region name next the #endregion statement when you are updating its name next #region statement in realtime.

In next versions I have added possibility to set (create) region around selected text. Finally, it is possible to predefined region names in options menu.

You can download it here.


Config Transformation Visual Studio Extension

I had finally time to release new version of Config Transformation extension for Visual Studio, now with support of Visual Studio 2015. You can download it here.

Quick Overview

This extension enables ability to transform various config file even there does not exist build definition for the transformation file. For example, if you have multiple configuration transformations, e.g web.Debug.config, web.Release.config, web.UAT1.config, web.UAT2.config, web.UAT3.config, web.Production1.config, web.Production2.config. And you want switch between these configuration while developing without changing actual build definition or editing the web.config manually.

It supports all .NET projects (web or app configs) even WebSites too.

Main abilities

  • Generate configuration transformation while developing
  • Preview transformation result
  • Application output (transformation progress, errors, infomation) in General Output window
  • Configuration in Tools -> Options -> Config transformation menu
  • Transformation file nesting, can be set in Tools -> Options -> Config transformation menu

How To Use It

  • File you want to change must be checked out (not locked, not readonly)
  • Click on the transformation configuration you want to run with the right mouse button and click “Execute transformation” option

  • Extension options can be found in Tools -> Options -> Config Transformation

  • Information about transformation can be found in General Output Window
  • You can see the transformation preview by Preview transformation menu item